Polyhedron SGPS

Message from the Chairman

Dear stakeholders,

With this website, we want to highlight the principles underlying the activities of Polyhedron, as a privately-held holding company, which invests to safeguard and build a sustainable world for current and future generations.

Throughout it, we introduce the company, address its corporate governance, investment strategy, and social responsibility goals.

The purpose of this website is to base Polyhedron’s performance on principles of transparency and integrity, which allow the development of responsible and long-term partnerships, that can contribute to a more sustainable future.

By letting you know who we are, how we manage Polyhedron, how we invest and how we intend to contribute to communities, we seek to provide greater audibility of our work, make our motivations clear and contribute to the affirmation of our vision: “invest in the present to guarantee a sustainable future”.


Miguel Trindade Rocha