Polyhedron SGPS


Polyhedron is a privately-held holding company, headquartered in Lisbon, that invests in safeguarding and building a sustainable world for current and future generations.

How We Invest

The aim of Polyhedron’s investments is to ensure responsible and long-term partnerships in companies in strategic sectors for a sustainable future, with corporate management based on transparency and integrity.

Because a company’s activities impact on their environment and society, we take into consideration environmental, social and governance issues before making an investment.

Among a number of strategic sectors, which we consider suitable for investment, the following stand out:

Moreover, our investment focuses on companies that provide the following portfolio of services:

Our Portfolio

Investment Sectors

Polyhedron has investments in business services, virtual assets and media


Polyhedron has investments in companies headquartered in Portugal and The Netherlands


Polyhedron has qualified participations in three companies  

Percentage of investment per sector:

Virtual assets


Business services




Polyhedron’s activity, in general, and its investments in particular, will take into account the highest standards of sustainability, namely at the level of:

Based on the values of Polyhedron, and the high demands of our functions, we believe that sustainable competitiveness is only possible through a strong balance between professional and personal life. In this way, our working week is based on flexible days and schedules.

Polyhedron will actively promote gender equality, namely in terms of sharing responsibilities and benefits, not promoting negative or positive discrimination.

Polyhedron will guide its performance by the highest levels of transparency and integrity among its people, stakeholders and the society.